Sep. 18, 2018

The Deserters Gold Full Movie Download In Hindi

The Deserter's Gold Full Movie Download In Hindi ->>> DOWNLOAD (Mirror #1)

During World War II a group of safe-crackers sets off on a mission to steal gold from a Nazi bank.

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original title: Deserter's Gold

genge: Action,Comedy,War

imdb: 7.3

duration: 2h 3min

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During World War II a group of safe-crackers sets off on a mission to steal gold from a Nazi bank. This is one of the worst films anyone could ever hope to see. I watched it for one reason, because I am a Boguslaw Linda fan, but not even a great actor like Linda could possibly hope to salvage anything out of this movie. I can't believe he even agreed to be in this horrible disaster.I watched to the finish hoping that it might get a little better. Big mistake.

The plot (if you can call it that) surrounds the Polish underground stealing a shipment of Nazi gold from the Third Reich during World War II. I really am wondering if someone in Poland watched too many Hogan's Heros re-runs and decided to try their hand at the same, the difference being this movie makes one episode of Hogan's Heros look like Masterpiece Theatre if that tells you anything.

This is the worst waste of film, money, and a talent like Linda's that has ever been produced. Don't waste two hours of your life on this. This is a sequel to movie from 1985 – „HK Deserters" . The heroes from the first movie also appear here , but there is plenty of new heroes . The first movie was a war comedy about a group of friends running away from army . This one is supposed to be a war comedy about stealing gold from Nazi's.

It was supposed to be comedy . Unfortunately the movie takes itself way too seriously . The movie unnecessary tries to tell something about anti-Semitism , betrayal and courage of freedom fighters. For more than half of the movie is hard to tell that this is comedy . When the so-called jokes appear in the second half of the movie they so awful you will groan. The movie also feels too long (it's 2 hours long ) , which wasn't a problem in the first movie (which was almost 3 hours long) . Gone is the charm and the fun of original.

The acting is good and the music is very jolly . Still , it's too little to save the movie from being a disaster. I give it 1/10. Better watch "Kelly's heroes". Or the original – "HK Deserters".


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