Sep. 18, 2018

Jaani Dushman Full Movie Hd 1080p

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A remote mountainous region is terrorized by a legendary monster that regularly abducts newlywed brides and kills them.

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original title: Jaani Dushman

genge: Action,Horror,Mystery,Romance

imdb: 2.9

duration: 2h 34min

keywords: abduction, bride, village, temple, police, marriage, snake, train, misunderstanding, madman, horse, hauntedhouse, cave, spirit

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Thakur Jwala Prasad is a wealthy bachelor living in a mansion; he gets marry to the girl of his dreams but finds her in the companion of her lover. He then turns into a monstrous creature killing both his wife and her male lover. This curse does not end here as the monster continues to terrorize the brides of that community; first by abducting them and then take them to an underground cave to kill them. The men of this community are clueless of this killer and arrange encounters to locate him but this does not help and even if they manage to locate this invincible evil force and kill him it will simply re-possess the body of the killer and continue on his rampage. A remote mountainous region is terrorized by a legendary monster that regularly abducts newlywed brides and kills them. No, don't really belong to such an old era. In fact, I was born well over 11 years after the film. But this film used to be such a popular choice for the (Indian) channels to run almost every other month. We as kids used to feel so frightened by it, but yet could never resist the temptation to peek at the TV screen.

What brought it back was the insistence of my niece who at all costs wanted to watch the film of which the song "Chalo re doli" is played in almost every wedding film during the rukhsati scene.

Reflecting upon it years after, the viewers of the new generation might find some of the stuff to be laughable, living in era where films of every genre are made with immense efficiency, editing, special effects and thousand re-takes, but for its era and given that this isn't Hollywood what we're talking about, this was quite a good film. It being a star-studded one probably added to the fun.

Again, it had its flaws and even the overall length could've been shortened, but for its era it remained a thoroughly entertaining film. Not quite Bollywood's 'Aliens' (1986), but pretty doable for Bollywood. Has its thrills and carries the suspense quite well till the end. One exceptional thing was that bringing attention and suspicion to everyone except only the Thakur could've given it away, but it was clever to have shown that even Thakur was looked at with suspicious eyes around about half an hour before the ending, albeit for a very brief period before the attention then gets shifted to his son (Shera). I can imagine it being a really big success at the box office back then. Jaani Dushman was a Horrer Suspense movie with huge multi star cast, the negativity of the film is poor special effects as usual in 1970's movies, action stunts were not well composed, In the entire film Sunil Dutt dominated & sidelined Shatu, Reena Roy side lined Rekha, Vinod Mehra turns from mad beggar to CBI Officer his role is not heavy, Prem Nath as Pujari always confused to audience, Plus point of this movie is 3 songs 1. by Mohammed Rafi CHALO RE DOLI UTHAI 2. TERE HAATOON MEIN PEHNAKE CHOODIA 3.Kishore Kumar. Jeetendra dance number & his acting was superb natural Neetu Singh acting was too good, Sanjeev Kumar as usual give power packed performance, Bindy Gu Swami & Sarika wasted, Dialogues between Shatrughan Sinha & Sunil Dutt are good still I remember that KYUN SHERA TAYARI KARKE AYE HO- TAYARI ANARI KARTE HAI KHILADI NAHI, After all it can be watchable movie.


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